Houdini FX Online

29 online classes I To learn Houdini a piece of cake? No. But we will guide you through it! Our teacher Omar has created the perfect teaching method to explain and teach you everything you need to know about Houdini FX. Create your own world here!


Houdini is specially designed for artists that work on 3D Animation and FX for tv, games and VR. Learning Houdini is the first step that gets you on your way to becoming a real pro and will make the most out of your animation skills. 

Houdini is the leading program when creating FX shots; think explosions, collapses, crowds, sand dunes, waves and blazing fire. Easy peasy lemon squeezy? Not yet, but excellent step by step guidance and instructions for the practical assigments you will understand Houdini in no time! From basic steps, the dynamics, rendering to even creating a world by your own design! 

What's on the curriculum? 

  • The Houdini-interface and the Houdini mind-set
  • Working with variables and attributes within Houdini 
  • Polygon and procedural modelling 
  • Workflows and shortcuts 
  • Particle simulations 
  • How to animate destruction 
  • Earth, wind and fire! 
  • Fluids and water Animations 
  • Internal rendering (Mantra-Karma rendering-engines) 
  • External rendering (redshift, Renderman) 

Understand all the ins and outs of the program and become the master in controle yourself. The online classes are organized twice a week on Monday and Thursday from 19.00 till 22.00. With our very own online platform HUBHUB you'll be able to re-watch the classes! After 29 classes you’ll graduate with a bunch of experience under your belt and a stunning reel to boot. Ready, set? Go!

Application and requirments

Houdini FX is the perfect follow up study after our basic Animation Academy. In case you haven’t followed the preceding animation course or when in doubt about your animation skills, let’s chat about what you do know! Schedule a call through the contact button for an assessing conversation or portfolio check. We’d love to help you get going! If you don’t have any animation skills, check out our Animation Academy and get comfortable with the basics.

To be able to follow this course successfully a suitable laptop is required, check the specifics on our website! Reducations facilitate a Houdini FX license for you during the course. 


Luis Omar Santos is a Mexican FX artist specialist in Houdini and a CG enthusiast, in other words the mastermind that is going to teach you all the ins and outs of Houdini! In 2016 he graduted with a MA Digital Effects degree at the Bournmouth University. Since then he worked with the coolest post production studios in Poland and the world like Platige Image amongst others. He keeps on improving his skils whilst working on amazing projects such as the Whitcher. Omar is passionate about anything that can spark the imagination and create cool projects with challenge. 

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