Color Grading

2 lessen | Learn all about color grading


Specializing yourself in color is a very broad concept since color is everywhere: from the clothes we wear to the paint on the walls. This workshop narrows color down to its use in digital video. You’ll be taken through the journey of light from the scene you’re shooting all the way to the eyes of the viewer. The first day will introduce you to color science, which is the fundamental knowledge of how light, cameras, screens and computers work to manipulate the color of video productions. With that knowledge, you’ll be taken into the second day, when you’ll have the chance to learn the basics of DaVinci Resolve and apply color science while grading footage under the guidance of senior colorist Bruno Ramos.

  • You’ll use DaVinci Resolve
  • You’ll learn color management concepts and usage
  • What’s a color space? Rec.709? ACES? HDR? LUTs? Gamma? Log? Raw?
  • Understand linear light video for VFX work
  • Understand video codecs and compression
  • Learn to use tools scientifically instead of doing guesswork
  • Deeply understand the color journey from the studio lamps, into the camera sensor, through the computer software and out of the screen


It’s important to have basic knowledge of videomaking, be it with camera work or post-production. Basic color knowledge is not mandatory, but it helps. The workshop starts simple enough for anyone to understand and, by the end of the 2 days, the technical level will be raised significantly.

IMPORTANT: Color is very sensitive to the lighting conditions of the room and the quality of your screen. It is therefore highly recommended that students be present at the workshop in Ede and avoid the option of following it online, since it might be quite difficult for the teacher and the students to interact and discuss subtle changes in color and creative choices while doing it via a webcam. There will also be practical demonstrations during the color science workshop which might not be visible if the students are not present in the room.


Bruno Ramos is a senior colorist with nearly 20 years’ experience in the field of video- and filmmaking. Bruno started editing TV shows after school hours at the age of 14 and, about 10 years ago, he focused his work specifically on color. Since arriving in The Netherlands, Bruno has been working at Media Park in Hilversum or at his own studio near Utrecht, grading major TV shows, series, films, music videos, commercials and documentaries for the biggest clients in The Netherlands and other European countries. Bruno also took it a step further and dove headfirst into the study of color science, which was the trigger for his unique specialized workshops.

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